- Black Mirror does a “choose your own adventure” movie the only way Black Mirror would. You don’t need to have seen a Black Mirror episode to watch this.
- Loved how it managed to tell us a story that thematically works with the gimmick of the movie, which makes the gimmick actually not a gimmick.
- It can get so very meta and that’s pretty awesome.
- Experiencing a lot of the choices and results really enhances your enjoyment of the movie.
- Stefan; as played by Fionn Whitehead, makes for a pretty good sympathetic protagonist.
- Will Poulter is also good in this as the very cool and calm Colin Ritman.

- You pretty much have to go through it more than once (or twice) to get the proper experience as intended.
- Your reaction to how much you enjoy this comes down to what choices you make and the time spent on this.
- The movie, as judged by itself, and without the interactive choices, is really just an amusing and passable story in the end.
- It’s not really a cinematic experience in the most technical level, and calling it a movie or a TV episode seems like a choice you’ll have to make.

- Nohzdyve by Tuckersoft

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