- Arguably the single best directing work by Alfonso Cuaron.
- Amazing use of Black & White, that gives us a nice aged look, and allows us to focus on specific details on any given scene.
- Amazing use of the camera, from the panning shots, the long continuous tracking shots, to the stationary perspectives.
- Amazing use of extras in any given scene, that really enhances the world building, and also gives us all these easter eggs to look for.
- Amazing use of locations, that really gives us that lived-in feel, with many contrasts that successfully gives us an idea on what it’s like to live in the world of Roma.
- Amazing sound design, that gives us this intimate feeling of being surrounded by the movie we’re watching.
- Amazing nuanced performance by Yalitza Aparicio as our main protagonist Cleodegaria "Cleo" Gutiérrez, that should make you feel incredibly invested with what happens to her as the story moves along.
- Amazing unorthodox premise for a movie, that continuously jumps around from covering seemingly innocuous events to life-changing ordeals, but which only makes watching the movie feel very immersive and personal as if we are peeking into somebody’s memory. In turn, the experience covers the whole spectrum of emotions when watching this. As well as cover many social-political commentaries.

- The narrative is simply not for everybody. You’re either in it for the experience as intended, or this is something you wouldn’t want to spend any time with at all.
- Some will find this extremely boring and slow moving.
- Due to the way Cleo is written and portrayed in the movie, you might feel disattached to her character, which will only make you feel even less interested with the movie.
- There are some baffling things that happens in this story, that might make you question what you’re watching.
- Dog poop. Beware of dog poop.

- If you were given the option to translate a part of your life’s memories into a visual medium, I can imagine that it could turn out into something like this movie.

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