A Dog's Way Home


  • Are you a Dog lover? This movie is made for you.

  • I’m legitimately saying this, but I’m very impressed with how the Dog actor who plays “Bella” absolutely carries the movie, and gives you enough justification for seeing this.

  • The best parts of the movie was the roughly 400 Miles journey of Bella trying to get herself home.

  • Bella’s adventures in the wild, encountering other animals, and humans, absolutely kept me invested in the well being of this dog.

  • There are some nice parallels, metaphors, and social commentary, of comparing rescue dogs to War Veterans. At least that’s the impression I got out of it.

  • Happy moments, Sad moments, Funny moments, this hits all the necessary marks for a movie such as this.


  • Yes, it can easily be argued that the movie is derivative, manipulative, and unbelievable.

  • The subplot involving the cartoonishly evil Animal Control Officer was just obnoxious to watch.

  • I would say 85% of all the scenes involving humans were my least favorite parts of the movie.

  • CG cougars and other animals! Yeah, it can look pretty bad, or unintentionally humorous to see that on screen.

  • If you’ve seen the full promotional movie theater for this movie, then yes, it does indeed spoil the ending of the movie. Although I’m sure you predicted that particular plot point was going to happen anyway right?


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