• Are you familiar with those low budget straight to video science fiction flicks that are more ambitious than the movie could actually handle, but manages to have some entertaining value anyway? This is one of those movies.

  • The main science-fiction premise is by far is the best thing about this movie, even when it goes bonkers during the final act.

  • I actually liked that the movie dedicates a huge chunk of it’s time to scenes about the process of making replicas. Those scenes produced some thought provoking ideas and situations, that Keanu Reeves; and Thomas Middleditch, has to make believable.

  • At a certain plot point, I found myself impressed that the movie actually tackles a very real world situation that other films would have just conveniently ignored or left as a plot hole.

  • Keanu Reeves “acting like Keanu Reeves” is a positive thing in the most entertainingly ironic way right?


  • Keanu Reeves is expected to not be the most dynamic actor around, but what’s Alice Eve’s excuse for her poor performance here?

  • Going back to the final act… It is pretty bonkers, and goes from being a movie that have interesting ideas, into being the derivative standard fare that you expected this to be from the beginning.

  • A good chunk of this movie is actually not really dedicated to the parts where the replicas don’t know they are replicas, and the entertainment value that goes along with that kind of a plot thread. I’m pretty sure that’s the selling point that people will be looking forward to after seeing the promotional trailers, and I’m sure they’ll be kinda disappointed when they realize that’s not as prominent as they would have wanted it to be.

  • Some stupid and unbelievable things happen. Suspend your disbelief if you can.


  • Filmed in Puerto Rico, and the plot does acknowledge that the story is taking place on the island. I was a little distracted with that fact, especially considering the current real world situation with the place.

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