teen titans go to the movies


Right from the opening scenes of "Teen Titans Go! To The Movies," there are many things about the movie that will be really obvious about it. It's completely in your face with how it's filled with a bunch of dumb things, and content that are just pure nonsense. It's super hyper kinetic that challenges your attention span, and has a lot of visual easter eggs too. Simply put, there are many things that happens in this animated movie that people will consider to be really stupid. Like idiotically stupid. Like "I can't believe how stupid this is" stupid. With all that said, I had an absolute blast watching this! 

As somebody who has never seen a full episode of the series this movie is based on, I am pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this. Yes, I am aware that I'm not exactly the age demographic that this is made for, but it seems that the movie itself doesn't really care either, because it has a lot of humor that older comic book fans like myself are definitely going to enjoy. In fact, I would go so far and say that it's comedy even calls back to '80s and '90s entertainment quite often; which is in fact the eras of my youth. There are even some pretty dark humor slipped into the comedy, that I found myself eyes wide open, mouth agape, at the fact that this kid's movie went there. 

Some people have said that it's like the "Deadpool" movies but for kids. Essentially, the self-aware, irreverent, meta humor is what primarily drives how entertaining this is for people who aren't in that young age bracket. It's even filled with many pop cultural references that I genuinely think are more targeted towards older kids or adults. Now the plot itself is admittedly pretty straight forward, and the general derivative themes of the story are kids friendly, which is all fine and all. However, it truly is the narrative that is just pure fun, as it isn't afraid to go into outrageous scenes of pure wackiness, all for the sake of some joke to entertain us. 

From enjoyable musical numbers that at one point had a tiger with a keytar, to the many inside jokes about superhero movies that includes both DC and Marvel films, to just the entertaining action set pieces that isn't afraid to mix in fart jokes or silly kiddie magic tricks, "Teen Titans Go! To The Movies" is an unbelievably refreshing entry into the comic book superhero movie genre. I honestly have that itch to want to go see it again. 

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