- The set-up of this story is interesting enough. 
- Michael Pena not playing a comedic role is... different. 
- Premise of the whole movie should encourage some good discussions about what it's about. 
- It gets really good at the 60 minute mark. 

- You have to endure waiting through 60 minutes before this movie justifies your time spent watching it. 
- The kid characters continually do stupid and frustrating things. 
- Michael Pena's character is essentially the only one you'll really care about. 
- Should have been a more exciting movie than what we got. 
- It's not really that visually interesting... until you get to the 88 minute mark...  
- That last 30 minutes, deserves a much better first 60 minutes. What a waste. 

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You can watch it now on NETFLIX (or don't)