mission impossible fallout

There's a general sentiment floating around that the Mission: Impossible films is the best action movie franchise of this generation, or any generation for that matter. The series has a lot of proof to back up that notion as well, and under the Direction and Writing by Christopher McQuarrie with "Mission: Impossible - Fallout," it's making a statement challenging others to just try and take that crown away from it. 

"M:I - Fallout" is simply put, one of the best action film's I've ever seen. I'm pretty sure that even at a run-time of 147 minutes, it felt like there were over 2 hours worth of action sequences crammed into this film. Scene after scene after scene, of stunts, car chases, foot chases, physical combat, gun fights, to thrilling heist scenes, and situations where the are running against the clock. Then add in all the spy vs spy scenarios, infiltration, betrayals, gadgets, impersonations, and just plain tricks, and we've got ourselves what might just be the perfect espionage action thriller. 

James Bond's got nothing on Ethan Hunt at this point. A lot of that has to do with Tom Cruise himself in the role, doing his own legitimately dangerous stunts, and earnestly looking like a real human showing an expression of fear or concern in his face, right before he leaps into a death defying act. Rebecca Ferguson plays the action star quite well herself as Ilsa Faust, and shout out to Henry Cavill in his role as CIA agent Walker. To complete the excellent ensemble cast here, are Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames, playing the respective roles of Benji and Luther the way you want them to. 

So far, I've said things that could easily have described the previous three Mission: Impossible films, and that's because I don't really want to spoil the plot of this installment, by talking about specific favorite scenes; which there are many. With that said, I admit that this is also a very straight forward story that verges on being a little derivative, and in some cases also has some convenient plot devices as well. While the main reason to watch this movie is for the action sequences, it's hard not to already be invested with the characters at this point, which helps keeps your attention until the end. I also have to admire how efficiently the plot is laid out to us, while being effortlessly crammed in between those action set pieces. 

With "Mission: Impossible - Fallout," it's easy to accept this as the final installment. I'm pretty sure it's not though, but it makes me wonder how the next movie in this franchise is going to possibly top what went on here. Until then, just be glad that this franchise exists, because it continues to be as awesome as you expect it to be. 

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