unfriended dark web

Right from the get-go, there will be people who will have huge issues with "Unfriended: Dark Web." Similar to the previous installment, the whole movie is seen through the desktop of a laptop, with a combination of browsers, windows, chat-boxes, and videos, providing the narrative of this story. It's easy to dismiss this because of the "gimmick," and marginalize the people involved in this production; like the actors. While there are moments when I felt like they "cheated" with what happens on that laptop screen just to get the plot moving, I will legitimately say that they were overall successful in telling this story. 

The other huge issue that might be brought up, is that this movie is not "fun" in the same vein as a lot of mainstream audience friendly horror scary movies can be. Those movies tend to have those "enjoyable" jump scares that will get people laughing embarrassingly, or give people entertaining reasons to root for either the protagonists or even the antagonists. You're not going to get that here. At best you'll be quietly rooting for the protagonists to survive the experience, because you should be genuinely concerned with what's happening to them. I don't think there's even a chance you're going to root for the antagonists, because they've done absolutely deplorable things like human trafficking, and violence against women; and the movie doesn't even need to be gratuitous to make you scared of what they can do. 

Some people will say that this feels "too real" to be entertaining, but that's part of what makes this a genuinely effective horror movie. Some people will say that this is too nihilistic and too depressing, but that is also what makes this a genuinely effective horror movie. Some people will say that this is unbelievable and that this couldn't possibly happen this way, and while there is definitely some exaggeration going on here, this horror movie is giving us a genuinely frightening scenario that could potentially happen to you.

It goes without saying, that this movie isn't for everybody. It may be more disturbing and creepy than what you expect a fun night out at the movies to be. it doesn't even go super far showing gore or death scenes, but it makes it really easy for you to use your own imagination to fill in the gaps, and will likely make you say "that's really messed up." Avoid illicit websites that could compromise your security, cover your webcam that might give people access to spy on you, and definitely don't pick up tech gadgets that don't belong to you. If there's a theme or lesson to be had here with "Unfriended: Dark Web," it's all that. 

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