green book

- Viggo Mortensen is a lot of fun portraying Tony Lip, the tough guy from the streets with no manners.
- Mahershala Ali is great portraying Dr Shirley, the highly educated and skillful pianist.
- The oil and water chemistry between the two is very entertaining to watch, and is one of the core reasons to check this movie out.
- The last acts of this story are also really strong, and should fill you up with some good emotions by the time the end credits hit.
- There are also the historical looks, civic lessons, and prejudicial parallels to today’s time that justifies making this film.

- As it goes with “these kinds” of films, there will be the expected plot tropes and cliches that go along with it. I say that but not ignoring the fact that this is inspired by the true events.

- If there’s at least one reaction you will get from this movie, it’s that it will make you really hungry for some delicious food.

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