creed II

- Michael B Jordan is as good as ever.
- Stallone is Stallone, and I guess we don’t ask for more than that.
- I really liked the story line specifically about Adonis and Bianca.
- I also really liked the plot thread between Ivan Drago and his son Viktor.
- The training montages are always enjoyable to watch.
- Boxing matches are explosive and good as well.
- The overall themes of this story are great, and the movie takes it’s time to let the characters breath and grow.

- The movie takes it’s time, and some might say that it also moves a bit slower than expected.
- It’s a solid movie about boxing, but it honestly doesn’t really add anything new to the genre.
- This franchise still relies heavily on nostalgia and is still retreading what we’ve seen in the Rocky movies.
- Maybe the next installment will finally let Adonis Creed stand on his own for real.

- There are a couple of cameo appearances that I didn’t know about, and were pleasantly surprised to see.

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