ralph breaks the internet

- If you loved how clever it was on how they visualized what the video game world looks like from it’s own point of view, then you are going to love how they visualized what the internet world looks like from it’s own point of view.
- The voice cast are great as expected, from John C Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Taraji P Henson, Alan Tudyk, to Gal Gadot, and many more.
- Scenes involving the Disney Princesses were AWESOME.
- I already implied the visuals are great, but because of the premise, it’s also fun searching for all the easter eggs inside jokes that involves the internet.
- The after credits scene. Of Course.
- Entertaining. Exciting. Fascinating. Funny. Touching. Insightful. This movie really goes to many different places with it’s premise.
- Despite the seemingly simple story, there’s actually a lot of commentary underneath the many plot threads, a lot that involves elements involving the internet, among other things.

- Despite the strong underlying themes and messages, I simply don’t think the story as it is, is as strong as it probably should be.
- Those looking forward to the returning characters from the first installment might be disappointed in how much time they were actually in the movie.
- There’s this thing in the movie that involves Ebay and about making money via the internet, that I found to be downright wrong and misleading.
- A lot of suspension of disbelief here.

- There’s a sequence towards the end of the movie, where the antagonist of a particular action set piece, absolutely triggered a phobia for me just from how it looked visually. Just thinking about it makes my skin crawl.

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