Galaxy's Edge, Past or Future, and Godzilla Be My Maybe

Episode 239 (1 hr 49 mins 20 secs) Holding on to Game Of Thrones Sundays. Still talking about Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland. Dungeons & Dragons cartoon finally gets a conclusion, which somehow brings up the topic about time travel. Apple WWDC 2019. Avengers Endgame vs Avatar’s worldwide box office. Spoilers discussions on Godzilla King Of The Monsters, and Always Be My Maybe. Plus more! Take a listen to another episode featuring Jiaming, Ruthy, and Albert.

00:00:42 - Still all about Game of Thrones
00:13:16 - Not done talking about Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge
00:30:29 - Dungeons & Dragons, Past or Future
00:42:58 - What’s Going On?
00:58:37 - mid-credits
01:01:32 - non-spoilers on Godzilla KOTM and ABMM
01:04:21 - Spoilers Pleeze 214…
01:04:37 - Godzilla King Of The Monsters
01:30:27 - Always Be My Maybe

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This episode was produced by Albert VergeldeDios and Jessica Lin 

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