Filipino Who, Filipino Food, and Filipino Hogwarts

Episode 235 (1 hr 18 mins 57 secs) For Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Albert and Ruthy are joined by special guest Myke of the Geekdom Fancast and Magic-less Myke podcasts. They talk about celebrities and superheroes who are Filipinos. They go through what they think are the best Filipino foods. They discuss news stories involving Filipinos. Plus they consider what could it be like if the Philippines has their own Wizarding School a la Harry Potter’s Hogwarts. Take a listen to an all Filipino edition of the Stuff & Junk show!

00:03:05 - FOB Mark
00:06:51 - Stars and Superheroes who are Filipinos
00:26:18 - Tournament game : Filipino foods
00:48:40 - What’s Going On? FilipiNEWS!
01:03:10 - mid-credits
01:06:48 - What if the Wizard World exists in the Philippines?

The Geekdom Fancast - Episode 151 : Our First Inaugural Summer Movie Wager
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