iMessage, Reddit, and Disney Plus

Episode 232 (1 hr 04 mins 30 secs) Beware of Avengers Endgame leaks. Thoughts on the whole Notre Dame Cathedral fire situation. The reasoning on why iMessage is actually bad for society. What this Reddit user in the Am I The AssHole subreddit should do in regards to her situation. News topics involving the Philippines; “FilipiNews.” Discussing streaming services from Disney Plus to T-Mobile’s TVision. Before Ruthy and Albert wraps things up, they have a spoiler after credits talk about the title of Star Wars Episode 9, and about a particular person mentioned in the season 8 premiere of Game Of Thrones. Lots are said! Take a listen!

00:09:00 - Is iMessage evil?
00:23:45 - “Am I The AssHole” subreddit question
00:30:40 - What’s Going On? FilipiNews
00:43:36 - mid-credits
00:44:34 - Streaming Services! Disney Plus. TVision. etc…
00:56:43 - Spoilers : Star Wars Episode 9 title
01:01:31 - Spoilers : Game Of Thrones season 8 premiere


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