Celebrity Encounters, 23andMe, and the Academy Awards

Episode 223 (53 mins 07 secs) Have you ever had that sinking concerned feeling of realizing that you do not know where your Parents are? We have a story to go along with that question. Albert then makes a plea to people and especially fans of Japanese manga/anime to go see “Alita: Battle Angel.” Have you had a celebrity encounter? Albert and Ruthy talk about some celebrities they met, and what they do or do not at such an experience. Ruthy talks about the results she got from 23andMe. Lightsaber dueling is a competitive sport now. A dog shot his owner with a rifle. Why you should or shouldn’t watch the Oscars. Plus more! Things were said. Take a listen!

07:36 - Go see “Alita: Battle Angel”
14:59 - Celebrity Encounters
26:43 - 23andMe
35:00 - What’s Going On?
42:20 - Mid-Credits
44:10 - Why watch the Oscars?


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Music provided by The Y Axes 

This episode was produced by Albert VergeldeDios and Jessica Lin 

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