Asian Americans and Asian Superheroes

Episode 182  (52 mins 13 secs)  May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, and we thought we would dedicate a whole episode about that. How many Asian Americans are there? Who are the Asian Americans with cultural influence today? In a superhero world, who are the Asian comic book characters? How big of a difference are Asian Americans making in the USA? All that and more, are discussed by Kathryn, Jiaming, Ruthy, and Albert! Join the conversation! 

00:52 - Asian Americans in America
04:46 - Influential Asian Americans
20:25 - Asian Comic Book Characters
28:23 - What's Going On  
45:38 - After Credits - about Asian American Artists, and how May is another National Month for something else... 

- May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month  
Demographics of Asian Americans  
100 Most Influential Asian Americans  
The A100 List  
NBC Asian American: A to Z  
Famous Asian American Actors  
10 Asian Americans Doing Big Things on Broadway  
Asian Superheroes of DC & Marvel - Comic Vine  
List of Asian superheroes  
Asian-American buying power rising as population grows, Nielsen report finds  
Comedian and former physician Ken Jeong stops stand-up routine to rescue audience member  
Jhoon Rhee, 'father of American Taekwondo,' died at age 86  
Asian-American Stereotypes in Popular Culture Are Being Challenged by the Asian Mean Girl  
Why some are offended over qipao prom dress  
Why are there many Asian American women that are bleaching their hair blonde  
America Is in Love With Asian Music, but Asian American Artists Still Can't Catch a Break  
- May is National Masturbation Month  
- National Masturbation Day  


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