SoCal Retro Gaming Expo

Episode 88  (30 mins 25 secs)  This is our first time at the Southern California Retro Gaming Expo (summer 2016 edition), which is located at the Frank & Son Collectible Show at the City Of Industry, CA. It was a very nostalgia filled event, and it was a small but nice sized convention, that celebrates the games of yesteryear. Fun times! 

The Question Of The Weekend : "What was your very first game console, and what was your fondest memory of it?" 

- Frank & Son Collectible Show  

- The Grand Geek Gathering  
- Gamer Kulture  

02:44 - Tyler & Sean from the Grand Geek Gathering answers the question of the weekend  
05:04 - Retro Fighters Next Gen NES Controller  
07:02 - PixelThat  
08:48 - CollectorVision Games - Sydney Hunter  
09:58 - Import Gaming Paradise  
11:57 - Super MadNES  - Heavy Metal System  
16:20 - Retro-Bit gaming  
17:36 - Retrogamathon  
20:07 - Sean, Tyler, and Albert reflect on the event and talk about retro gaming  

Sean Barba  
Gamer Kulture  


Albert Patrick  

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