Long Beach Comic Expo 2016 - part 2

Episode 51  (29 mins 52 secs)  Albert and Louis bring you part two of our interviews at Long Beach Comic Expo, and share their final thoughts about the whole thing. We did continue the question of the event, "With Deadpool's success as a Rated-R movie, what superhero or comic book property would you like to see in a Rated-R movie?"" Check out the hyperlinks listed below of the people we interviewed. If you haven't listened to part 1, please check it out as well. 

Long Beach Comic Expo 2016 interviews - part 1  


- The Comic Book Story Of Beer (00:50)  
- Little Bear the dog actor (05:09)  
- Kelly Hu (08:08)  
- Robotech Anniversary (10:37)  
- Kiss Me I'm Deadpool (17:18)  
- Our Final Thoughts (18:39)  


Albert Patrick 

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