Long Beach Comic Expo 2016 - part 1

Episode 49  (34 mins 11 secs)  Albert and Louis attend the Long Beach Comic Expo for the first time, and go about interviewing the people behind some of the interesting booths they encountered there. Please check out the hyperlinks below to further explore their work. The geek question of the week is "With Deadpool's success as a Rated-R movie, what superhero or comic book property would you like to see in a Rated-R movie?" Also don't forget to check out Part 2 of our set of LBCE interviews which will be on Episode 51. 

Long Beach Comic Expo 2016 interviews - part 2  


- Red Flags (01:55)  
- Sire's Eyewear (03:38)  
- The Jerky Hut (05:55)  
- Epic Pillow Fight (08:44)  
- Backwards Burd Comics (13:55)  
- Minion Me (17:40)  
- Ellen Jin and Tiffanie Mang Art (19:15)  
- Mandy Amano of Sun Devil Film (23:34)  
- Andrew Tarusov (28:47)  


Albert Patrick 

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