Incredibles 2

Episode 171  (1 hr 01 mins 07 secs)  After 14 Years, Brad Bird and Pixar has finally given us the sequel to the much loved "The Incredibles." So was "Incredibles 2" worth the long wait? Do you want to see more after this? Kathryn, Edward, Josephine, and Jiaming, share their opinions about the movie. What really worked for them, and what didn't? Take a listen. 

00:02:53 - spoilers discussion of "Incredibles 2" 
00:08:22 - "Bao" animated short
00:12:47 - continuing discussion of "Incredibles 2" 
00:53:56 - a certain someone returns... 
00:55:46 - After Credits - about Female film musical composers 

‘Captain Marvel’ to Be Scored by Female Composer, Marking Major Breakthrough   


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