the Haunting Of Hill House

Episode 190 (52 mins 10 secs) “The Haunting Of Hill House” on Netflix, seems like the perfect scary TV show to watch during Halloween. Is it actually scary though? How good is it really? Jiaming and Albert share their thoughts on the show, from it’s stories, themes, and the characters. Take a listen.

03:41 - full on spoilers
34:29 - goes off tangent and talks about Netflix for a bit
36:35 - back to the show
44:03 - Credits
44:48 - After Credits - what else we’ve been watching…

- Season 2: If Story Continues, It Won’t Be About the Crains
- This Detail Possibly Explains What The Crain Siblings Signify
- Hidden Ghosts, Book References & Most Shocking Moments
- Fans are obsessed with Luke and the memes are everything

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