All Time Top Ten Movies For Spoilers Pleeze

Episode 100  (50 mins 19 secs)  Celebrating the 100th episode of the show, Albert, Jiaming, and Josephine, consider all the movies that actually got a review discussion from episode 01 to 99, and sort out which ones should be included in the All Time Top Ten Movies list that represents Spoilers Pleeze. Movies that were not given a review discussion episode were not eligible to be included on the list. Lots of passionate arguing and yelling on this episode, it's kinda off the rails, and some feelings might have gotten hurt, but hey it's Spoilers Pleeze 100!!! 

37:39 - 42:16 movies we regret doing a review discussion for
44:54 - After Credits - "before the show was called Spoilers Pleeze"  

- Spoilers Pleeze episode 1 - "While We're Young"  

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