Hi, it's Albert. If you are wondering why this week's episode hasn't been uploaded yet, well it's because we were unable to record one (but thanks for wondering!). In a way, me and my regular co-host Jiaming decided to take a week off from the show. "Spoilers Pleeze" wasn't suppose to be a weekly show in the first place, so I'm honestly surprise we kept that consistency going for this long as it is.

Our goal now IS to make it a weekly show, but with the occasional breaks, so look forward to another episode next week, when we will likely be talking about our current impressions on "AMC's Fear The Walking Dead." For the time being, feel free to check out my movie reviews on the "I Saw That Movie" blog, listen to my other movie podcast "Movies Movies and Movies," or my variety podcast show that is "The Stuff and Junk Show." 

Until next time, thanks for listening! 
Albert Patrick