The Kitchen


  • Solid premise for a movie. Those who like stories about the mob and gangsters should find something to like here.

  • It’s got a stellar cast of leading actors, from Melissa McCarthy, Tiffany Haddish, and Elisabeth Moss. The supporting cast from Domhnall Gleeson, Bill Camp, Margo Martindale, to several others were all good too, but bar none, McCarthy, Haddish, and Moss, carry this movie.

  • The main draw is seeing what directions and character growth the three leading female characters go through from the beginning of the movie, all the way until the end.

  • Another strength of this movie are the several solid scenes of tense dialogue between some of the characters. Gunplay is nice and all, but it’s the conversations that should stick with you.

  • There are some things that happen in this movie that legitimately and pleasantly surprised me.

  • It’s a very feminist movie, and some of you will definitely like the bias.


  • It’s a very feminist movie, and some of you will definitely not like the bias.

  • As well meaning as the movie tries to be, the whole thing has a rather bland feel throughout.

  • If it isn’t moving too slow for my taste, it’s moving too fast.

  • Some would say that it just isn’t exciting enough of a movie to watch through.

  • Several of the plot turns come off a little too cliche or predictable.

  • The conclusion felt generally unsatisfying to me.


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