Blinded By The Light


  • A delightful film that honors and reflects the spirit of Bruce Springsteen’s songs. The songs featured in the movie makes for a great movie soundtrack too. Try not to sing a long.

  • I liked the effects in making Springsteen’s lyrics come alive visually in the movie.

  • The story may feel like your standard coming-of-age style, but it amazingly has a lot more to say in terms of thematic topics.

  • All the topics covered makes for a much more interesting movie to watch than I originally expected. Despite being set in the 1980s, people of today can very much many things to relate with.

  • Viveik Karla as our protagonist Javed is a on point with his character. It’s very easy to feel for the guy.

  • Kulvinder Ghir as Javed’s Father Malik is also amazing in his role. He is arguably going to trigger even more emotions from you.

  • The rest of the supporting cast from Nell Wiliams, Aaron Phagura, Meera Ganatra, Nikita Mehta, are all fantastic as well.

  • This movie has a lot of scenes and set pieces that are going to just grab at you memorably, despite the simplicity of the visual narrative.

  • Some of those scenes involves singing and moving about like it’s a dream sequence, but they were quite joyfully charming to see play out.

  • One of the big last scenes in the movie in particular really moved me.

  • Knowing that the story is based on actual people and events, helps you swallow some of the more exaggerated plot elements.


  • Knowing that the story is based on actual people and events, makes you criticize some of the plot elements that seem too exaggerated.

  • It also doesn’t help that there were several story devices that come off as plot tropes that feel cliche or too familiar.

  • At times the story can feel a little manipulative.

  • Although the movie clearly wants to take it’s time to tell it’s story, I couldn’t help but feel a little impatient at times in wanting things to move faster.

  • For some cases, the movie moved faster than I wanted it too.

  • It felt like I was just watching a compressed season of a TV series, than a properly paced movie.


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