Angel Has Fallen


  • Do you like Gerard Butler in his super heroically capable secret agent man Mike Banning? This might just be the best version of his character yet.

  • Do you like movies where Morgan Freeman plays the US President? Add this to the list.

  • Would you appreciate the addition of Nick Nolte in a pretty entertaining role for this movie? He’s a crowd pleaser that’s for sure.

  • From a cast that also includes Danny Huston, Lance Reddick, Piper Perabo, Tim Blake Nelson, Jada Pinkett Smith, one cannot say that actors are the weak link in this film.

  • You’re watching this movie for the action thriller aspect? Explosions. Gun fights. Hand to hand combat. Vehicular chases. Yeah, this movie has all that, and they aren’t bad.

  • The story even has a plot that easily hooks you in, and will make you want to see things through until the end.

  • It’s even got some social commentary and themes that’s worth discussing too.

  • Plus what may be the biggest surprise, it’s got a mid-credits sequence that I thought actually made the movie better for it being there.

  • The movie is even written in a way that it’s not even a strong requirement to have seen the previous “…Have Fallen” films. This installment may even be the best one yet.


  • Despite the positives, the whole movie still comes off as a very generic action thriller.

  • Visually it looks like a generic action thriller.

  • The action sequences are very much what you expect from a generic action thriller.

  • The premise of the movie is something you will find in a generic action thriller.

  • It has plot developments that are lazy, illogical, preposterous, too convenient, cliche, and just dumb… like what you might find from a generic action thriller.

  • It’s as memorable as a generic action thriller.

  • The meaning behind the movie’s title is also just embarrassing.


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