Ready Or Not


  • The movie makes good use of an excellent premise for a plot.

  • While the story is generally straightforward, there are several good thrilling scenes to see here, and yes they involve some gruesome deaths.

  • Speaking of gruesome deaths. Some are done in a humorous manner, some of them are just brutal, and some of them are wonderfully bloody. Good stuff either way for fans of these kinds of stuff.

  • Plot reveals and twists and surprises. This movie makes good use of all that.

  • There are also some good subtle (or not so subtle) social commentary and thematic ideas that are absolutely worth discussing.

  • As a dark comedy, I did get some good laughs. If not big laughs, I did at least find a lot of the humor to be quite entertaining.

  • While the look of the movie seemed visually generic, there are some good shots and cinematography here and there. Especially of Samara Weaving as her character Grace. Her and her wedding dress goes through a lot here, and there’s a bit of fun watching what becomes of her look from the start of the movie till the end.

  • Speaking of Samara Weaving, she is spectacular in this! From the facial reactions she is able to show us, to her retorts, and her physicality for this movie. All top notch! She is the perfect protagonist to follow here.

  • The supporting cast are great as well though, and part of what makes them work are their very distinctly different personalities. It’s also funny to see them bungle their way through the movie.

  • The final act and the end of the movie is also a nice payoff to everything that came before it.


  • It’s tragically unambitious in execution?

  • Despite some notions of grander themes and commentaries, at its core it’s really just a simple murderous game of hide and seek.

  • It’s not exactly a flashy high budgeted production, so there’s an almost generic straight-to-home-video feel to the movie.

  • Some will argue that the character of Grace is much too capable for us to actually feel that needed tension and danger.


  • A lot of people are saying that Samara Weaving looks like Margot Robbie, but honestly I think she looks more like Emma Stone.

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