Once Upon A Time In Hollywood


  • Amazing huge cast of actors here. If you only need one reason to see this movie, watch it for the acting.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio is amazing as the leading male actor past his prime, and brings a whole level of human vulnerability and intensity to the role.

  • Brad Pitt is probably playing one of his most badass roles. Charming as heck, and the things he does in this movie are so darn entertaining to watch.

  • Margaret Qualley is the surprise scene stealer here, and her character is quite unforgettable.

  • Shout out to Julia Butters as the amazing young actress who has the scenes with DiCaprio. Practically goes toe to toe in acting talent with Leo.

  • People are going to appreciate how this movie creates the look and feel of late 1960s Hollywood.

  • People are going to really appreciate that huge set piece at the end of the movie. One of the best scenes in the movie.

  • This movie is filled with so many great scenes, you’ll be hard pressed to pick one single favorite.


  • Could have used more editing to make it feel tighter.

  • Oftentimes feels like it meanders too much or seems aimless.

  • As good as Margot Robbie is in the role of Sharon Tate, what her character does in the movie seemed very superficial.

  • Big fans of Bruce Lee are probably not going to like what happens to him in this film.


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