• Kaya Scodelario and Barry Pepper are good in their roles here, as people trying to survive against alligators, while trapped in a crawl space, while a Category 5 hurricane is going on.

  • There’s enough basic work given to Scodelario and Pepper’s characters, that you should find yourself invested with what happens to them.

  • As a horror thriller, there’s definitely entertainment to be had for fans of the genre.

  • The main reason to see this is of course the alligator attacks and this movie does not disappoint. They are fantastic!

  • Alligators look great in this movie too.

  • The other reason to see this movie; and this might not be for everybody, is the gore work. Graphic? Why, yes. Prepare to squirm and wince. Awesome stuff.

  • Fun movie to see with an audience.


  • This has a stupidly simple premise, to the point where it may as well not have bothered writing a story for the movie..

  • I get that people can push themselves harder even when hurt, but wow did it seem so unbelievable for the characters to achieve what they achieve when they look like they should just curl up in a ball and just die. Really pushed my suspension of disbelief here.

  • Some stupid things happened. ‘nuff said.

  • Some overly coincidental things happened. ‘nuff said.


  • Can we please stop putting dogs in movies involving human chomping creatures? We’re all just anticipating that something bad is going to happen to the dogs, and we don’t want to see that. People getting torn apart though? Go ahead. It’s make believe. hehe

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