Child's Play


  • This remake’s character design of Chucky is creepy looking enough. Plus Mark Hamill was expectedly good in giving the doll it’s voice.

  • The added capabilities of Chucky did produce some interesting ideas for horror, which plays on a very familiar plot trope popularized by the Terminator.

  • I generally liked the cast in this movie, and appreciated the brevity in the writing to give their characters just enough development to make me care.

  • The violence and the gore! Well done on that department here!

  • There’s a whole plot line involving a dead part of a body that entertained me much more than it probably should have.


  • This remake’s character design of Chucky looks too CG for my taste.

  • They kinda go overboard with the things Chucky can do in this movie.

  • The reasoning as to why the doll is evil is just dumb.

  • I don’t know about you, but I’m over the whole “I don’t believe you because you’re a kid” plot trope.

  • There’s a lot of nonsensical stuff that happens in this movie that will totally push your suspension of disbelief.

  • The whole last act of chaos was just all over the place. It’s like they just gave up attempting to make some sense of it all, and just straight out pandered to the audience with certain sequences.


  • So just so we’re clear. This movie is telling us not to put our virtual assistant speakers into robots. “Alexa, don’t kill me.”

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