Men in Black International


  • The montage that chronicles Agent M’s origin story was nice.

  • There were some cool looking Aliens shown in the movie that were fascinating to gawk at.

  • The special effects that make up the twin antagonist characters were pretty good

  • I liked the set pieces involving the island fortress.

  • Kumail Nanjiani as Pawny was the best thing about this movie.


  • MIB stands for “Men In Black” right? For this movie it’s more like “Man It’s Bland.” Maybe it should be “Might Incite Boredom.” No? How about “Misguided Insipid Bull$#!^.” Oh wait I know, how about just “Make It Better.”

  • Unfortunately the character development for Agent M and Agent H were severely lacking.

  • Poor Rafe Spall. Why did you accept doing the role?

  • Doesn’t have the charm of the previous MIB films.

  • Story just moves along because the plot dictates it, and not because it comes about naturally.

  • Derivative as it comes.

  • Many logical gaps to be had here.

  • The movie is not as clever as it thinks it really is. I saw those big plot reveals coming a mile away screenwriters!

  • Speaking of the writing. I would say 95% of the comedy found in this movie falls flat. So very flat.


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