• Superhero comic book origin tale, morphed into a Horror movie. It’s a spectacular premise of a genre mash-up. A teenager; Brandon Breyer, uses his superhuman powers for evil and not for good. It is an amusing meta concept, as there are blatant easter eggs to a certain DC comics character.

  • The scenes that are suspenseful and disturbing, which includes horrific death and destruction, are effective enough to justify the idea behind this movie’s premise.

  • There is a terrific sense of irony, when seeing the great visual effects that are usually found in comic book superhero movies, but used in a horror film such as this.

  • Scary movie jump scares that are used in this context. Kinda neat.

  • That final act is a fantastic roller coaster of wondering which direction the movie is going to go to conclude the story.


  • Despite the fact the whole cast is great in this, I couldn’t help but be disappointed at the incredible lack of good character development for any of them. Well, maybe Elizabeth Banks’ character is the exception, but still…

  • How and why should I care about what happens to these characters when the movie doesn’t give me enough reason to do so?

  • Characters ended up just being plot devices to move the story along. Which is the unfortunate result of the movie using too much shorthand exposition that relies on the audience to fill in the gaps in story telling themselves.

  • Why should I care that this is the direction Brandon Breyer decides to go with his newly found powers? I feel like that’s an important factor that the movie only thinks it properly covered.

  • On paper, one can say that the theme of the movie is about “nurture vs nature,” but in all honesty, the movie doesn’t do enough groundwork with the material for that to be what it’s all about. It should be, but it’s not.


  • I guess this is yet another movie universe where superhero comics never existed? They would have made good reference material for the family’s situation.

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