• Movie follows that “one crazy night” premise, and it does so wonderfully.

  • This is an entertaining and humorous story, that tackles subject matters that High School teens probably would relate with.

  • The plot also goes above and beyond in having a solid thematic lesson that really delivers in a satisfying way by the end of the movie.

  • Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever make an awesome comedic duo, that are both willing to do outrageous things to make us laugh.

  • Dever plays the straight man to Feldstein’s more outgoing character to great effect.

  • The supporting younger cast also gets a lot of kudos from me, with Billie Lourd standing out as this over-the-top-but-in-a-hilarious-way character named Gigi. A lot of the crazy moments that got me laughing out loud did involve Gigi.

  • The adults in this story are good as well. There’s one notable funny scene involving Jason Sudeikis that’s definitely worth checking out.

  • While the main plot does involve kids doing dumb things, I thought this was a pretty clever movie anyway.


  • Comedy is subjective, and I regret to say that this isn’t always a laugh-a-second kind of affair.

  • Still makes the mistake that a lot of comedies make, in when things get dramatically serious, it can get hard to easily return to that fun and stupid humor that you solely went into this movie for. It makes that attempt, but it’s not a smooth transition.

  • You’re definitely going to have to suspend your disbelief in many ways for this movie. How forgiving you are will probably determine how much you’ll like this. Just try and ignore all those logical flaws, and convenient plot turns.

  • Seemed to have taken a cue from Game Of Thrones’ last few seasons, in that travel time becomes irrelevant and something that’s supposed to be ignored. Admittedly it’s played off as a joke the first time it happens, but still… Hopefully that doesn’t bother you too much.

  • There’s some pandering to the audience here. Hopefully that doesn’t bother you too much.

  • Arguably, I would say that this movie also plays things much safer than you would have initially have thought it would have. Hopefully that doesn’t bother you too much.


  • I suppose we can expect High School kids to try and top the “night before Graduation day” shenanigans found in the movie. My advice? Don’t.

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