Hellboy (2019)


  • David Harbour as Hellboy is easily one of the best things about this reboot film.

  • Besides the main plot itself, the movie goes in so many crazy different directions, and that’s a compliment.

  • There are some good action set pieces that were fun to watch.

  • The monster design work is amazing in this.

  • Gotta say, the ultra gore and horror violence actually services this movie in all the right ways.


  • That ultra gore and horror violence is going to turn some people off, because they are quite hardcore.

  • The CG work for the monsters aren’t always the best.

  • While the general plot, pacing, and direction of the movie are suppose to be exciting overall, somehow it just doesn’t feel like it.

  • The filmmakers clearly worked so hard here to make you care about what you’re seeing, but it took some effort to actually be invested with what’s going on with the movie. If you even get to that point.

  • Somehow, the most confidently good parts of the movie, literally happens in the last five minutes of it. That part was the fun kind of action-adventure-fantasy I’m feeling people were actually looking for, and not what came before that.

  • For a movie that adapted a comic book property, the majority of my theater audience left as soon as the end credits started, despite the fact there’s a mid-credits AND end-credits sequences. The movie they saw just didn’t make them care enough to bother I guess.


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