Pet Sematary


  • Despite not being as flashy as modern horror flicks, this is a solid interpretation of the Stephen King novel, and a good remake of the original film adaptation.

  • The tone of creepiness and bleakness is done really well.

  • While the pace is confidently moderately moving, it successfully creates this build-up of tension, that leads the way into the incredible final act.

  • This film may have some effective jump scares, but there are some lingering quieter suspenseful scares that are probably even more effective.

  • The whole cast here is great in their roles. Jason Clarke, Amy Seimetz, John Lithgow, and Jete Laurence, all showcased some great subtle emotional acting when needed.

  • I dare say that I actually liked the direction and changes this adaptation made over the original.


  • Changes from the book and from the previous film adaptation might irk some people.

  • Others might feel like it’s too much of a slow burn, and doesn’t “wow” you enough.

  • Some plot turns and reveals might come off as a little too sudden.

  • There is one character in the movie, that I think the movie could have absolutely lived without.

  • Depending on how you feel about it, conclusions to the many plot threads might not be satisfying enough.


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