• This movie opens up with a beautifully framed shot, with a hint that something horrific happens, and successfully puts you on guard to be weary about what you’re about to see.

  • There’s an ominous tone throughout that is established from the opening shot, as well as an unnerving feeling like you’re watching real life video evidence of a terrifying event that you shouldn’t be witness to.

  • Those familiar with Gaspar Noe films should be pleased with the downward spiral of the narrative, from the mesmerizing beginnings, into the twisted and traumatizing plot turns.

  • One of the main highlights of seeing this are the electrifying dance sequences, and the energy the dancers put on screen; especially considering the majority of them are not seasoned actors.

  • We’ve got electro dancers, voguers, krumpers, and waackers here, and they perfectly fit with the toe-tapping head-bopping soundtrack of the film.

  • This movie is visually hypnotizing, and contains incredible imagery, with some creative camera work and editing that brings you further into the experience. It’s especially effective during the more nightmarish scenes.

  • Kudos to Gaspar Noe for once again creating an unforgettable film. A film that parents can use to scare their kids into avoiding going to dance parties, because bad things could happen there.


  • There were several shocking scenes and dialogue in this movie, but sometimes they felt shocking just for the sake of being shocking.

  • Due to the very shorthand way of developing the characters, I only really cared for possibly less than a handful of them. The impact to the tragedies did feel a little diffused because of that fact.

  • Some people will not have the patience to put up with the narrative structure of this movie.

  • Speaking of patience. Expect a lot of indulgence given into several scenes, and that includes a nine minutes long dance sequence, to characters sluggishly walking back and forth through the hallway going out of their minds.

  • Is this simply style over substance? In many ways yes, but in some ways no.


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