Captive State


  • There are some perfectly acceptable plot ideas in this story.

  • The huge ensemble cast sure seem to be super committed to their roles.

  • I liked the alien creature design.

  • I also liked the look of the alien spacecraft, which is like a flying rock.

  • I dug some of the alien sci-fi gadgets featured in the movie.


  • The premise isn’t exactly the most original thing around. However, it’s so meh, I didn’t really care.

  • There is so much plot and parallel storylines going on here, that I still couldn’t find myself caring about any of that in the movie.

  • For a huge ensemble cast working their ass off here, I still didn’t care what happens to any of them.

  • There are two tones in this movie. Despair, and suspenseful tension. Nope. Still didn’t care.

  • Stupid things happen. Didn’t care for it.

  • Plot reveals that should have been clever, but really wasn’t. Care, I did not.

  • For those of you looking for some cool humans vs aliens action sequences will be disappointed. Who cares?


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