deadpool 2

Simply put, if you were a fan of the first Deadpool movie, then there is no reason why you wouldn't want to watch the sequel. It delivers many aspects that you liked from the first movie, plus more. It still has that irreverent self-aware humor, it increased the production budget for more visual effects and locations, introduced a couple of new characters that you will love, gets more ambitious with the plot, tons of cool action sequences, and there's even more Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. 

Let me repeat that last statement from the previous paragraph. "There's even more Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool." I know it's kind of an inside joke that Deadpool doesn't want to share the spotlight with anybody else, but wow was he not kidding. Deadpool almost single handily carries this sequel by hogging almost all of the screen time befitting of the fact his name is the title of this movie. Everyone else are really relegated to supporting characters status. You want more insight and character arcs for the other characters besides Deadpool? Too bad. It's not their movie. So a lot of Deadpool can be seen as a good thing, but depending on what else you want from this sequel, that may be slightly bad too; like if you wanted more of that supporting cast. 

If there are any other characters that remotely comes close to taking some of that spotlight off Deadpool, it's Cable and Domino. Josh Brolin is perfect for the role of Cable, and plays that angry disgruntled relentless violent character excellently. Just don't expect too much more than that. Zazie Beetz is amazing as Domino, and practically steals the movie with every moment she is on screen, as this super confident cool as a cucumber kickass badass of a woman. More of her! More of her! Colossus is also back in this movie, and he's as likable as he was in the previous film. We love you and your moral values Colossus! 

The unconventional crazy story telling, outrageous sense of humor, and how unafraid it is of showing violence in what is technically a comic book super hero movie, is a large part of the charm that is the world of Deadpool. There are definitely several scenes that focus on specific jokes that you will find super entertaining, and that's the high bar of this movie's sense of humor. The low bar are when the jokes don't completely stick the landing, and I will admit that there seems to be more of that in this sequel. Don't get me wrong, it's funny often enough, but the movie didn't feel as consistently funny like the first one felt like it did. 

Despite me pointing out that this isn't as perfect as it could have been; and I also question some of the plot developments, "Deadpool 2" is still an absolutely fun and enjoyable time at the movies. It may be silly and stupid at times, or unnecessarily too serious at other times, but you should find it to be very entertaining nonetheless. 

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