the christmas chronicles

- Kurt Russell is an awesome Santa Claus, and I love the combination of making him knowledgeable but innocent-like, joyfully outgoing, but naughty at times.
- The young actors Darby Camp and Judah Lewis are also really good in this too, and their chemistry to each other; and to Santa, are fun to watch.
- I really liked the world building they did with this version of Santa, with some clever interpretation to how his “magic” works
- This is that “one crazy adventurous night” premise. While it has it’s derivativeness, it’s still enjoyable enough with this movie.
- Story is charming, has a lot of heart, and should make you feel good about the Holiday.

- Considering how the story goes though, prepare to have your suspension of disbelief challenged.
- The CGI work for the reindeers and the elves isn’t exactly the best there is.

- Seriously, I never would have imagined that Kurt Russell would play a great Santa Claus. Arguably the best modern take of Santa we’ve had in a long while.

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