- Made for fans of battle rap culture and battle rappers and battle rapping.
- The battle raps in this movie are amazing to see play out, and are easily the main reason to watch this.
- Kudos to the whole cast here, but especially Calum Worthy for pulling off being a white boy battle rapper.
- There are some nice visual graphical touches here and there that I really liked.
- Satirical and funny in many respects.
- Thematically there’s a lot of things being said here in this movie. The social and cultural commentary is very strong in this one.
- There are also a lot of things said here that is offensive, provocative, outrageous, and just plain wrong, but that’s part of what makes this so enjoyable to watch.

- Not for people who are easily offended or provoked.
- The movie provides explanations to some of the film’s thematic messages, but some people might get frustrated when it then doesn’t give easy answers for some of them.
- There’s also a character plot development at one point in the story that I just can’t completely buy.

- This is YouTube Premium’s first film acquisition for its service.

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You can watch it now on YouTube Premium