- Finally we have a live-action Transformers movie that is directly targeting those of us who are big fans of the “Generation 1” animated series. The opening scene alone is quite the huge treat.
- The fact that they manage to get Bumblebee to show different emotions just from his voiceless face is still a marvel to me.
- Hailee Steinfeld continues to prove to us what a great actress she is, and her chemistry with Bumblebee is at the heart of what makes this movie absolutely worth watching.
- John Cena is so very entertaining in this as well.
- Has some excellent set pieces that ranges from scenes involving Hailee Steinfeld interacting with Bumblebee, to full on action sequences. There are some good chase sequences here too.
- This is essentially a fish out of water premise, mixed in with Spielberg’s “E.T.”
- Story and Characters versus just some mindless action sequences. Yes, Director Travis Knight and screenwriter Christina Hodson understands what it takes to make us care about and be invested with what happens in a Transformers movie.
- You will believe a girl can have a robot friend who can transfer to a volkswagen beetle, and it might just provoke some positive emotions from you.
- Easily the best live-action Transformers movie, especially compared to the Michael Bay directed installments that are filled to the brim with stupid things happening.

- Some silly and stupid things still happen in this movie that will test your suspension of disbelief.
- There’s a recurring plot device that is used on Bumblebee far too many times to the point of being almost a parody.

- Seriously, can we please be done with the whole “Bumblebee talks via clips from pop songs” gimmick?

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