ben is back

- This is a heartbreaking and emotional story about how drug addiction affects more people than just the drug addict.
- From the very first scene, all the way until the end, this movie just grabs you and doesn’t let go. The pacing is fantastic.
- Amazing storytelling here, that contains very excellent ways of giving exposition in the most efficient ways.
- The plot goes places, some predictable, but still capable of giving us surprises.
- If you needed a reminder about how good of an actress Julia Roberts is, then see this movie.
- If you needed another introduction to how good an actor Lucas Hedges is, here is yet another movie to showcase his incredible talents.
- The chemistry between the two primary leads are so palpable, it’s hard not to feel invested with them.

- Some of the emotional moments might seem melodramatic for some people.
- Some of the plot developments might seem to go too far depending on your suspension of disbelief.

- Learned something new in this movie. Naltrexone.

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