- It starts out like a simple family movie, then things get really unusual, odd, and unbelievable. That’s a compliment by the way.
- Since this is an anime, having what looks like a 2-4 year old Boy as the protagonist, actually gives us a different perspective that you don’t normally find in typical movies.
- The themes and lessons that this movie brings forth are very laudable.
- Animation is great, and the CGI scenes work well with the rest of the movie too.
- Very charming and amusing premise, with some pleasant surprises tossed our way from time to time.
- The fantastical elements and scenes of the story gives us this wonderfully whimsical and dreamlike experience.

- Those fantastical elements greatly expects your suspension of disbelief, because if it doesn’t get that from you, a lot about this movie is going to seem unbelievably stupid.
- Some people looking for easy answers to the plot revelations will be disappointed.

- Even in anime, Apple products make their presence known.

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