- Madeline Brewer goes all out in her leading role here. Amazing.
- Creepy, unsettling, and intriguing, in all the right ways.
- Got my attention throughout the film, with it’s own fair share of plot turns that I wasn’t expecting.
- As a techno-horror-thriller, this movie brings up many topics that are absolutely worth discussing.
- Gives us a bit of insight into the world of cam girls, as this was co-written by a former cam girl.
- The ending is thematically pretty satisfying.

- There will be people who won’t be happy with how the movie ends.
- At certain times of the story, I would like to think that the main protagonist should have figured out some other solutions to her problems. I had to suspend my disbelief in those cases.
- The whole topic might be too uncomfortable for some people to watch.

- The scary thing is that the fantastical stuff in this movie, can probably actually happen in real life sometime in the near future.

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