a private war

- This goes out to all journalists and their drive to tell everyone what’s actually happening in the world.
- Dramatic. Emotional. Inspirational.
- Rosamund Pike’s intense acting as Marie Colvin is mesmerizing to watch. Amazing work!
- As a psychological character study of Colvin, this movie is spectacular.
- I appreciated it’s raw depiction of the devastating human tragedies in war torn lands.

- Some might say that the movie hits us over the head a little too much with it’s themes.
- The movie can be accused of retreading one or two topics excessively throughout the narrative, to the point where it might feel too repetitive.
- Also might be too slow moving for some people.

- Colvin’s broadcast from Homs, Syria. Plus tribue (YouTube)
- Telling legendary journalist Marie Colvin's story in 'A Private War' (YouTube)

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