the crimes of grindelwald

- It’s nice to see the familiar cast of characters and creatures from the first Fantastic Beasts movie.
- Jude Law’s portrayal of Albus Dumbledore went better than I imagined.
- Johnny Depp actually does a good job as the main antagonist Grindelwald.
- Seeing Hogwarts again on the big screen is a big plus.
- The visuals for all the magic and the new locations are great to watch.
- This installment adds a lot of interesting and fascinating ideas and characters into this ongoing story.

- Narrative is kind of a mess and all over the place.
- There were several disjointed transitions from one plot to another, as if it was some hard chapter break in a book. Hey J.K. Rowling, writing a screenplay is not the same thing as writing a novel.
- The narrative unnaturally forces itself to the big plot points, plot reveals, or plot twists.
- Things just happen because they have to happen, which kept me disattached from what I was watching.
- The whole movie felt like it’s just a bunch of big giant exposition sequences that sets things up for the next installments.

- Gotta admit, the fantastic beasts are easily one of the main highlights of having this franchise so far.

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