spider-man homecoming

I'll say this up front, "Spider-Man: Homecoming" does not have the gravitas of "Logan," the fantastical creativity of "Guardians Of The Galaxy volume 2," the cultural phenomenon that "Wonder Woman" became, or even the ambitions of 2004's "Spider-man 2." It still generally follows the familiar tone of a comic book movie, and shares the entertainment factor that is usually found in a Marvel Studios film. What it does do however, is give us the best live action Spider-Man movie so far. 

For comic book nerds out there, this version of Spidey does take many liberties to the mythology, as well as get creative with the supporting cast of characters. They work really well in this movie though! I like Peter's best friend, who adds some nice comedic moments to his scenes. I like his interactions with Happy Hogan and Tony Stark, which I'm sure many teenagers will find very relatable. I like the main antagonist in Michael Keaton, who brings a little extra something to what is technically yet another typical super villain. I also like the other additional casts played by Marisa Tomei, Zendaya, Tony Revolori, and even Donald Glover in his brief appearances. Not only that, but the Spider-man suit becomes an awesome character in the movie itself!

Despite not being completely faithful to the original source material, it still manages to capture the spirit of what it must be like for a 15 Year old to suddenly have superpowers, and how the adults he is trying to impress are still treating him like a kid (because he is). This movie does not shy away from reminding us that Peter Parker is still very fresh as a superhero, and he is prone to do careless things as an inexperienced teenager might do. Even so, this is how I imagined Spider-Man to be, with his penchant for making jokes, his guts in trying to get things done, his social misfit status, plus just overall his inability to properly balance out his life as a High School teenager and a crime fighting superhero. 

Tom Holland is Spider-Man!!! That's the best and most important element that the movie has to overcome first. Then it has to craft a story around him that's entertaining enough to keep our attention, and charm us with funny scenes plus heroic action sequences. As Directed by Jon Watts, "Spider-Man: Homecoming" succeeds in all that! It was able to give us a lot of content to chew on; that I'd rather not spoil, but it still knew to be thematically realistic with it's ambitions. It doesn't try to reinvent the wheel, or pioneer a new type of superhero movie, but it knew how to be an enjoyably fun time at the movies. 

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