Without any doubt, this is a movie that PETA can wholeheartedly get behind. In fact I think they are already using this movie in their messaging. Now depending on your point of view, I get that saying this fact might just turn some people off from watching this. I only mention it because the messaging about animal rights is heavy handed, and quite manipulative at times. That is probably my main issue with this film, in that it blatantly favors one point of view. With that said however, I found this movie to be absolutely wonderful! 

The crazy madcap imaginative visionary work of Director Bong Joon-Ho is very much front and center here. This is a story about a young girl and her pet "super-pig," a heist movie about rescuing said creature, as well as a social commentary about animal rights. From a country setting, the streets of a major city, to a parade in a city of a foreign land, there is also quite an adventure tale here, not unlike the quests you would find in a fantasy film. The story may be mixed with thought provoking real world issues, but it does have that feel of a fable as well, which works really well with the presence of that CG animal. 

Okja herself is quite the impressive CG creature in the movie, that I think every animal lover out there will really fall in love with. The chemistry that the young girl; Mija, has with Okja is also simply fantastic. The amazing young girl herself; as played by Ahn Seo-Hyun, is somebody you can't help but root for. The rest of the cast themselves, from Tilda Swinton, Paul Dano, and an over the top Jake Gyllenhaal, are all very entertaining to watch too. Well, Gyllenhaal's performance might be too over the top for some people's tastes. 

Another thing that impressed me about this movie, is that it expertly interchanges Korean and English dialogue into the script. The fact there are two languages used in this film actual adds really well into the world building, as well as an important element of the plot itself. The movie's funny moments are also great, ranging from broad comedy, clever lines, to black humor. "Okja" seriously throws a lot of elements into the premise, and gives us an unforgettable experience that can likely be found in someone's insane dream. 

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