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Episode 50 (46 mins 53 secs) Hey, it’s Albert, and it’s the 50th episode of this podcast, and I should be doing something special right? Not really. How about outtakes? You like outtakes? Here are some from the Geekdom Fancast and from the Stuff & Junk show. Then I once again visit the story of why I decided to end the Spoilers Pleeze podcast, and whether isawthatmovie will be going away too. Take a listen! Why not?

03:21 - outtakes from the Geekdom Fancast
11:21 - more outtakes from the Geekdom Fancast
20:09 - outtakes from the Stuff & Junk show
34:20 - more outtakes from the Stuff & Junk show
39:08 - things to say about the isawthatmovie blog and how Spoilers Pleeze ended

The Geekdom Fancast - Episode 151 : Our First Inaugural Summer Movie Wager

Summer Movie Wager - follow along with how we’re doing!

The Stuff & Junk show - Episode 234 - Sell Out and Avengers Endgame

whowhatwhereswhy - The Comic - Avengers Endgame Of Thrones

Spoilers Pleeze - Episode 200 - Finale

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