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Episode 48 (28 mins 09 secs) While Albert is eating his dinner, he is also having a discussion with Jiaming about that Disney streaming service and it’s potential TV shows. They cover multiple topics from what shows might show up on Disney Play, the Captain Marvel and Mary Poppins trailers, ideas for potential future movie discussions for Spoilers Pleeze, to the current state of the Hollywood Babble-On podcast. Take a listen!

- Loki and Scarlet Witch TV shows for Disney streaming service?
- list of announced properties for Disney Play
- Lady & the Tramp live-action movie
- Captain Marvel movie trailer
- people reacting to Captain Marvel punching an old lady
- Mary Poppins Returns trailer
- Hollywood Babble-On lawsuit situation

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Spoilers Pleeze podcast  

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Spoilers Pleeze podcast  

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This episode was produced by Albert VergeldeDios and Jessica Lin 

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